Traditional Softeners


As good as existing water treatment technologies are, most have limitations. They’re short-lived, expensive, difficult to maintain, easily fouled by microorganisms,or just plain unable to perform up to anticipatedstricter regulations.

KDF ® process media, however, improve water treat-ment performance by protecting, and in some casesreplacing, existing filtration/purification technologies.The exceptional filtration/purification performanceand versatility of KDF media make them an economi-cal and easy-to-use water treatment technology in bothnew systems and retrofit applications.

Manufacturers, hospitals, beverage manufacturers,restaurants, municipal water treatment facilities, con-sumers, and others rely on KDF process media tosafely reduce or remove chlorine, hydrogen sulfide,heavy metals, and bacteria from water.

Improve your system’s economy while improving performance

When used alone, KDF media can remove more than 95% ofchlorine, iron, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and other cont-aminants from water.

  • When used in combination with granular activated carbon(GAC), KDF media can significantly extend the life of thecarbon.
  • Used ahead of reverse osmosis (RO) and ion exchange systems, KDF process media also safeguard expensive mem-branes, resins and system components.
  • Compared to other water treatment technologies, KDFprocess media offer reduced material requirements resulting inmore compact and more economical systems. KDF process.


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