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Explain why the Filtersorb SP conditioner is not a traditional softener.

The “classical” water-softening unit operates on the basis of ion exchange; exchanging calcium and magnesium ions in water with an equivalent amount of sodium (salt).

Filtersorb SP3:
The Filtersorb SP3 water media acts as a catalyst by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless “Nano” particles. Because the hardness minerals have been transformed into Nano particles, these Nanoscopic particles makes their way through plumbing systems without attaching on to pipes, fixtures, valves, or heating elements. Filtersorb Sp3 is also a maintenance free system that does not required cost for salt, costs for water or for regeneration material. For more information on Nano Technology:

Can you explain the chemistry behind the Filtersorb SP3 media?

CWG has embraced the cutting edge science of nanotechnology and through extensive research and development has developed the catalytic Filtersorb SP3 filtration media used to prevent and remove calcium scale. The overall filtration process of the Filtersorb SP3 is broken down into three phases.

Phase One

In the first phase, the calcium and magnesium is removed from the water. The catalytic surface of the Filtersorb media pulls the calcium and magnesium ions from the water and convert these ions into harmless nano crystal particles. These nano crystals are so small that they are approximately one billionths of a meter, 100,000 times smaller than a single strand of hair.

Phase Two

In the second phase of the filtration process, the existing scale in the piping and hardware is removed. The nano crystal particles are neutral and are unable to attach to any surfaces, but due to their large surface area and nano structure, bind to the calcium ions in the scale, gradually breaking the grid structure of the calcium deposits. Over time, the calcium scale deposits within the pipes and equipment are completely removed.

Phase Three

In the third phase and final phase filtration process, a 3 to 5 micron protective corrosion layer is formed. The layer forms because of the reaction of the nano surface of the crystals and the metallic surface of the pipes. This is comparable to the green layer of verdigris on a copper roof. As soon as the protective layer is formed it can no longer grow bigger, but it creates complete protection.

Will I feel any different when I shower?

After the existing scale is complete dissolved, many customers have said that they feel a silk like feeling and their hair much cleaner than before the SP3 treatments. Bar soap is not recommended, but liquid body soap is preferred.
Will I see any change in the laundry?

After the existing scale is completely dissolved, your laundry will come out cleaner, feel softer, and last longer.

What should I expect after installing a SP3 conditioner from my dishwasher?

Dishwashers use water from the hot water side of plumbing and the water is extremely hot water and also extremely hot in the drying cycles when cleaning and drying the dishes.

You may find unusual initial spotting because of the de-scaling taking place. You also may have existing excessive scale build inside the sidewalls and washing arms of the dishwasher. The best way to eliminate the existing scale in the dishwasher is to put a cup of white vinegar in the upper basket during the washing cycle for the first few weeks. You can also use citric acid instead of the white vinegar. This will help dissolve the existing scale in the washer arms and inside surface of the dishwasher. You may need to do this until all of the old scale in the plumbing is dissolved.

Are there specific soaps that you should use?

When you have water going through the SP3 conditioner other than being used in the dishwasher cleaning cycle you can have the calcium crystals break down back into solution if you are using harsh dishwashing detergents that have low ph, high chlorine, and phosphates. Harsh detergents can breakdown the crystals and then cause spotting on the dishes.
It will be important to reduce soap usage as much as 50% and be sure to use Eco friendly dishwashing detergents. You may have to try several all natural dishwashing detergents to find the one that works best for your dishwasher. Seventh Generation dishwashing powder which you can find at Target and Lemi-Shine which is available at Wal-Mart are examples of environmental detergents that work well with our media in the dishwasher.

What should I expect after installing a SP3 conditioner in my shower and are there preparations required?

Also in the bathrooms, over a few weeks you will see the existing scale slowly dissolve in the shower heads increasing water flow. Remember the calcium being treated is a nano size (one hundred thousandths of a human hair) and will be flowing easier down the sides of the walls and glass doors in the shower. We recommend that you first clean the shower from existing scale with a cleaning product that dissolves old scale that has built up before installation of the SP3 conditioner system. One suggestion is to use a product called CLR or products like this one.

We then recommend that you coat the walls in the shower and shower head with Rainx, a commercial product used for Automobile windshields. The Rainx allows the majority of the nano particles to be easily washed to drain. The few nano particles that are left can be easily wiped down because they no longer can adhere to the sides of the shower. Note: Rainx can also be used on all fitting to include the chrome. You can find Rainx at Wal-Mart or automobile stores.


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