Customer Testimony


November 22, 2013: We purchased a Carbon-KDF system. Instant taste different in tap water. TASTES GOOD!
Teri Lynch

June 1, 2011: Just wanted to say thank you Tom! You did an outstanding job installing my systems. Its nice to work with someone who is trust worthy and has great customer service! Always a great attitude, especially since I made him come out to my place a few times to make sure everything was working okay. Look forward to working with you for years to come.
Jackie Gonzalez

April 11, 2011: This is to recommend Tom Grassi, Clean & Pure Water Co. to Tony Moore and team. We've had Tom's water softener and filter installed first in our AZ City house and now in our Mesa house. Exellent product, price and service. Our baby girl, "Tootsie the cat" wouldn't drink the untreated water in our AZ City house until the system was installed. She will have an exciting day Wednesday when we follow the movers to our new house in Mesa…….but I know once we get moved in and settled down…..she'll like the water.
Harvey & Sally

March 22, 2011: We just wanted to tell you how great our water system is that you installed!!! Our dishwasher is a 150% better since we got it, the showere doors are so much better, we have tons of suds , our shower water is so much better, the drinking water is super, etc., etc., etc.,!! We are so pleased as the water in Maricopa was awful and now is great!! Thanks,
Don & Margaret

March 17, 2011: We love our new water treatment system. Tom and his assistant were very professional, polite and efficient. Plus, prior to getting the water treatment system, Tootsie, our beloved cat wouldn’t drink the water. She’s brilliant! So, had to give her bottled water. Once Tom got his water treatment system installed and I put new filtered water out for our Tootsie, she started drinking a lot of the water. It’s very important for cats to drink lots of water. And, it’s so great now to have the chlorine out of the water. We highly recommend Tom and his company!
Harvey & Sally

March 14, 2011: dear tom,

we are one of those happy customers. we recieved a water softener and had a great experience. we shopped around and for the money, there was no better product on the market. the service was great and quick. we appreciate the fact that there are still honest people out there doing buisness.
joe and katie

March 29, 2011: Bought and installed a new Water Filter. Took a couple of days to get the hardness down but wow it really did the job. Brought the hardness level from the 250’s to between 0 and 40 if I’m reading it right which I think I am. Well worth the money. Had just a carbon filter and it did nothing. Thanks for that and the advice in getting my small RV water softener working properly.


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